D-Series Frameless

Reliable & precise frameless motors for robotics

D-Series Frameless

Torque Range (Continuous): 0.15 Nm to 4 Nm
Torque Range (Peak): 0.38 Nm to 10 Nm
Power: 75W to 1 kW

The Nidec D-Series Frameless Motors are designed to be pressed into your machine’s housing to provide a compact and powerful motor solution. Machine wound for high reliability, the D-Series Motors are available in standard sizes ranging from 35 to 100 mm, with a variety of stack heights available for each diameter. Each motor offers a large rotor ID to allow for convenient cable routing, which is ideal in robotic arm applications.

We offer various types of feedback to insure the accuracy and resolution match your requirements. Rated for continuous operation, the D-Series Frameless Motor Platform offers direct load coupling in a small package size that supports customization for drop-in applications. Our rigorous testing for performance and reliability help the D-Series stand out as a top choice for the robotics industry.

Please refer to the D-Series product data sheet or feel free to Contact Us for additional information.

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