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Sensorless brushless permanent magnet HVLS fan motors



We're switching gears on our HVLS (high volume, low speed) fan motors – in fact, we’ve gotten rid of gears altogether. It’s time to experience the innovation of Nidec’s Blade Runner™ direct-drive motor series, which delivers highly efficient, quintessentially quiet and remarkably reliable operations in a compact design, providing the torque you need without the noise, weight and maintenance associated with gear-driven motors.  Plus, the Nidec Blade Runner™ direct-drive motor series can be integrated into your application as an “as-is” drop-in assembly or custom-designed with your requirements in mind.

Superior engineering, world-class manufacturing and responsive, timely product fulfillment are just some of the many benefits you get with Nidec’s HVLS Blade Runner™ direct-drive motor series. As the world’s most comprehensive manufacturer of electric motors, you could say Nidec wrote the book on high volume – with over one million motors and drives produced per day. We do this while passionately delivering the highest level of customer support and satisfaction in the industry. We’re the partner you’re looking for – and Blade Runner™ is the fearless, gearless solution for your needs.


When you consider everything that Nidec’s Blade Runner™ direct-drive motor series has to offer, it won’t take long before you switch gears too!

Please feel free to Contact Us or refer to the HVLS Brochure for additional information. Also, to learn how HVLS fans can help save on utility costs and safeguard workers in industrial settings, check out our blog


Torque: 185Nm Max
Speed: Variable (0-90 rpm)
Full Load Amps @230VAC: 6.0
Motor Drive:



Torque: 85Nm Max
Speed: Variable (0-200 rpm)
Full Load Amps @230VAC: 6.0
Motor Drive: KBVF-4G

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