D-Series Frameless Motor Platform

Precision frameless motors for robotics

Frameless Motors

Nidec Motion Control offers frameless motors as a customizable, drop-in solution for robotics applications. Diameters range from 35 to 100 mm, with all diameters allowing for variations in stack height.

Frameless motors also allow for easy cable management via the large inner diameter of the rotor.  

For additional product information regarding Nidec Frameless Motors please refer to the D-Series Frameless Motor product page, or Contact Us to discuss customization options for your specific application.




D-Series Frameless Motors
Torque Range (Continuous): 0.145 Nm to 2.97 Nm
Torque Range (Peak): 0.457 Nm to 9.68 Nm
Power: 73 W to 498 W


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