Integrated Motor Drive

Precision motors paired with ULV drives and low backlash gearboxes

Integrated Motor Drive

Nidec Motion Control makes it simple for you to get the complete motion solution you need. We offer complete packages that include a motor, drive and precision gearbox integrated into one product. Our integrated motor drives help you reduce assembly time, while also providing a compact, rugged solution. These packages offer some of our most durable motors, alongside Nidec Motion ultra low voltage (ULV) drives. The drives are integrated with the motor and are available with enclosures that meet your thermal and ingress protection requirements.

 iLD60S Integrated Motor Drive

- Compact 60mm frame permanent magnet servo motor
- Available in front-facing or rear-facing connectors
- Built-in, high-efficiency three-phase 4th generation motor controller
- Low-voltage, 20-60VDC operation
- Available 200W (0.64Nm) and 360W (1.15Nm) continuous rating at 3000 RPM and up to 3.46Nm Peak Torque at 48V
- Smooth & quiet sinusoidal commutation with field oriented control (vector control)
- Fast 16kHz current loop control
- Integrated encoder with 4096 counts per revolution
- MODBUS ASCII and RTU support
- STO - Safe Torque Off support. Design complies with EN/IEC 61800-5-2 (Certification Pending)
- User programmable current limit up to 40A for protecting the drive
- Built-in-Basic-like scripting language. Execution speed up to 100,000 lines per second
- Automatic tuning of torque, speed and position loops plus automatic field weakening for maximum speed and torque
- Optional integrated mechanical brake with efficient PWM control
- IP54 protection
- Please see brochure in Product Literature & Resources below for more details

  Dynamo Series
Rated Torque: 10 to 50 oz-in
Speed Range: Up to 6000 RPM at 48V
Mounting: Size 17 and NEMA 23
Rated Voltages: 12Vdc – 48Vdc
  HRW 3.3 Series
Peak Torque: Up to 4.94 Nm
Speed Range: Up to 18,000 RPM
Power: Up to 1200 Watts (higher ratings available)
Mounting: NEMA 34, NEMA 100 or customized
Rated Voltages: 12Vdc – 48Vdc, 115/230Vac
  NT HST Series
Rated Torque: 400 oz-in
Speed Range: Up to 6000 rpm
Power: Up to 750 Watts
Mounting: NEMA 23
Rated Voltages: 12Vdc – 48Vdc


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