Wind Energy

Sustainable wind energy created by high-efficiency generators

Wind Energy

Motors produced by Nidec Motion Control can be adapted for wind energy applications that convert the wind’s kinetic energy into a sustainable source of electrical energy. Our motors are designed to act as efficient generators when the motor shaft is rotated by an external force, such as the wind. As the world’s no. 1 comprehensive motor manufacturer, Nidec Motion Control is well equipped to provide OEMs with the motors they need to meet their power generation requirements. Our AC motor wind turbine generators have been tested to handle forces up to 39 Nm, which corresponds to an output of approximately 6.5 kW.

Nidec Motion Control also produces AC and DC servo motors that can be integrated into wind energy systems for the control of blade pitch and yaw.

Any motor can be utilized as a generator, although some may require slight modifications to integrate into existing systems and maximize performance. Please Contact Us to discuss your system requirements and determine which wind turbine motor would be best suited for integration into your wind energy system.

Atom Series Wind Energy Generators

These smaller wind generators are typically used in applications that require a larger number of small generators. Please Contact Us for additional information.

10.5" Wind Energy Series Generator

Tested to handle up to 39Nm of torque, with a corresponding output of 6.5kW. These are used for small to medium wind energy applications. Please Contact Us for additional information.

  HD Series Servo Motors
Rated Torque: .72 to 85 Nm
Peak torque: up to 255 Nm
Available in six sizes
Rated for 230 VAC and 460 VAC
Available with a holding brake and fan kits
  LD Series Servo Motors
Rated torque: 1.45 Nm to 10.2 Nm
Rated speeds: 1000 to 6000 rpm
Brake option available
Multiple connector types available
Multiple feedback options
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