HD Series

Highly dynamic servo motors for 230 and 460 VAC

HD Series Servo Motors

Designed for maximum torque density, the HD (High Dynamic) Brushless AC Servo Motor Series provides an exceptionally compact, low inertia solution for applications that require very high torque during rapid acceleration and deceleration profiles. Nidec Motion can customize an efficient, ultra-high torque servo motor to fit your specifications. The Nidec HD Servo Motor features several options:

•    Available in six sizes;
•    Continuous torque ratings ranging from .72 to 85 Nm, with peak torque values up to 255 Nm;
•    Rated for 230 VAC and 460 VAC;
•    Available with a holding brake as well as an optional fan kit for 75 – 250 frame sizes.

You can also customize the feedback options of the motor with incremental, absolute, and SinCos/absolute encoders. The Nidec HD Servo Motors support HIPERFACE (SICK) and EnDat (Heidenhain) protocols. All HD Servo Motors feature rotatable connections that make it even easier to route cables and streamline your installation.

To see a full listing of configurations, please view the HD Series servo motor brochure.

Reach out to one of our engineers via the Contact Us link for more information.

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