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Nidec’s Motion Control division offers a diverse line of AGV/AMR motors in a variety of speeds, torque ranges, feedback options, connector types and mounting preferences with customizable solutions that align with your unique requirements. Our motor controllers are high performance and loaded with numerous features and operating modes. If space is a premium, our integrated drive solutions provide a compact, streamlined profile for precise motion control in tight spaces. Our battery management/protection system is customizable, ultra-efficient, and delivers high current power using all Lithium Ion batteries. We’re your one-stop-shop for practically everything “bot.”

Nidec’s Motion Control division has a proven track-record working with industry‑leading companies like yours to produce reliable and robust AGV/AMR platforms. From concept to completion, you can rest assured we’ll use our Nidec know-how to help make your dreams of exceptional automation come true. Please contact Nidec’s Motion Control team when you’re ready to go further and dream bigger.

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AGV/AMR Motors

 Roboteq AGV AMR motor controller  

AGV/AMR Motor Controllers


AGV/AMR Navigation Sensors

 RoboteQ Battery Management System AGV AMR autonomous guided vehicle autonomous mobile robots  

AGV/AMR Power Management Systems





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