Rubber and Plastics

Safe & reliable rubber and plastics precision motors that provide economical solutions

Rubber and Plastics

Nidec Motion Control provides motors, gearmotors and drives for a wide range of products within the rubber and plastics industry. We have experience with equipment such as extruders, mixers, pullers, slitters, feeders, re-spoolers, rotary knives, flying shears, dual-turret winders and more. Our precision servo motors easily integrate with equipment to provide robust, dependable and efficient motion control. We also offer a choice of various encoders, gearboxes and cooling fan kits to suit your specific application requirements.

Nidec Motion Control precision servo motors are designed to provide the accuracy and repeatability you expect from the world’s no. 1 comprehensive motor manufacturer. Please Contact Us to determine which motor is ideal for your rubber and plastics needs.

HD Series Servo Motors
Rated Torque: .72 to 85 Nm
Peak torque: up to 255 Nm
Available in six sizes
Rated for 230 VAC and 460 VAC
Available with a holding brake and fan kits
NT Series Servo motors
Rated torque: .85 to 6.3 Nm
Peak torque: up to 166 Nm
Available in six sizes
24V holding brake available upon request
Food-grade white epoxy finish as an option
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