HLA and Value Added Services

Complete Customized Solutions - From Concept to Production

With VIS, your product is manufactured using an optimized approach with scalable solutions that have the flexibility and agility to meet your needs. We focus on mid to low-volume, higher complexity programs ranging from membrane switch assemblies to fully0featured HMI electro-mechanical devices and products. From medical devices to industrial controls to electronic assemblies, VIS has the capability and depth to support advanced manufacturing and assembly for your unique user interface product.  Integrating all technologies provides you cost benefits and consolidates your supply chain and results in streamlined shipping, accounting and auditing functions for our clients.


To seamlessly offer complex human-machine communications solutions, we develop and manufacture complete operating and control subassembly systems for you – with and without HMI. We start with basic technologies and products, followed by integrating them into your devices in a way that optimizes functionality and cuts costs. This is how we create a system designed entirely to your requirements and perfect for your end-use applications.


For HMI and Value-Added and High-Level Assembly, VIS is the preeminent low-cost option for US and North American-based OEM customers; especially when considering the many advantages our Mexico-based manufacturing facilities provide over Asia and other offshore manufacturing options.

  • Major Benefits

    - Lower total cost of ownership

    - Supply chain consolidation

    - Superior quality and production oversight

    - Mexico and China procurement offices - providing strong materials sourcing and inventory management programs

    - Improved lead-times, language, and logistical performance

    - Accessible by car or short flight and in North American time zones

    - Vastly superior intellectual property enforcement and protections

  • Complete Value Added Assembly

    - PCBAs with molded silicone keypad array

    - Plastic molded front and rear casing with hardware

    - Screen printed graphics

    - Battery assembled with cabling and wire harnesses

    - Fully assembled and tested prior to shipment

    - Shipped to OEM or CM assembly point

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