“Our design capabilities are a competitive advantage that truly sets up apart from everyone else.” Carl Makela, Applications Engineering Manager

Optimized Solutions for all Design Challenges

Our design philosophy is a dynamic current that runs through every project — from the earliest stages through final outcomes. When we begin a project we identify and implement approaches that consider manufacturability, efficiency, reliability, workflow, and functional excellence. Our design philosophy guides our efforts to create the optimal design solutions — while integrating key decision elements, including application, end user, environment, market and your understanding and input.

We listen to you, and know that the design of your custom product cannot be achieved using a standardized, one-size-fits-all approach. We customize different levels of design engagement to work for you. Our NPI teams will bring your product to life — whether you designed your HMI assembly in-house and need a manufacturing partner, or if you’re just getting started and have a concept-level plan. We’ll transition your UI device or HMI assembly to production readiness as soon as possible while keeping your development, tooling costs, and time commitment as low as possible.

Applying our experience and expertise, we have a heightened focus on design for procurement, manufacture and test. Prototyping and validation techniques are used to mitigate risks through the design process which maximizing our customers’ competitive advantage in the market place.

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