“VIS is a technology company with deep roots in the Silicon Valley. We partner with our customers to provide custom technology solutions.” Bob Sullivan, President

Innovative Interface Technology Drives our Comprehensive HMI Solutions

As a leading HMI solutions provider, our skills and competitive advantage lie with our ability to integrate all types of technologies into a cohesive system. We specialize in integrated HMI assemblies and control panels that connect-disconnect at the logical electromechanical point with your host system.

We seamlessly integrate graphic design and artwork, mechanical and electrical engineering, firmware development, and full system architecture under one roof. We know that combining user interface technologies and components from one supplier saves you both time and money, and it’s why we continue to add complementary processes and technologies to our core capabilities.

We’ve earned the trust and respect of some of the most highly regarded companies in the industries we serve. They appreciate our complete range of services, our forward-looking technical expertise, and our willingness to get each job done perfectly and on time.

Our experience, history, and technical capabilities will help your organization choose and deploy the technologies that will help your next product excel in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn more.

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