“Our engineers and our engineering processes play an integral role in the success of our customer’s products. We are committed to helping them succeed.” Francisco Cornejo, Engineering Manager

Product Realization Through Advanced Engineering

Our customers have complex, sophisticated product requirements that require a full suite of engineering skills, experience, and effort to bring to manufacturing readiness.  Our market-specific experience translates into a rapid understanding of requirements, technologies, and real-world environments. Our cross-market experience provides an innovative perspective of your end-market needs. VIS has engineering resources in place and is ready to work with your technical team to accelerate the production readiness of your product.

Our full engineering services range from concept development to technology selection, sophisticated graphic artwork to compliance labeling, electro-mechanical engineering to reliability testing, and from firmware development to test applications. Our engineering staff is available to assist in developing and resolving design issues, with the goal to optimize any design for greater success.  In facilitating and streamlining a potentially critical design process, we place a high priority on working in partnership with you.

Over the years VIS has developed standard design approaches and methodologies that make each user interface device or HMI assembly outcome predictable, reliable, and cost-effective – ultimately reducing the length of the product design phase. We pride ourselves on protecting the integrity of your product design, and encourage early involvement and engagement to create solutions that include design-for-manufacturability, design-for-test, and design-for reliability. We work hard to maintain cost controls and efficiencies over the life of your product.

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