Medical Markets Demand the Continuous Pursuit of Perfection

Medical HMI Solutions

As a leading provider of medical user interface design and manufacturing solutions, VIS supports medical device OEM customers design, develop, and deploy their products on time and at the right time. We have a proven track record of manufacturing high technology, intellectual property sensitive products creating value and competitive advantage for our customers.

The HMI products VIS manufactures are used every day in hospitals and doctors’ offices around the world. We understand the unique complexities of these products, and deliver these mission-critical products with the same care and urgency healthcare providers give to their patients. We understand the product life cycle, the importance of product validation, and we’ll work with you through regulatory and compliance processes to ensure your product is approved and released as soon as possible.

Our global supply chain network and ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facilities are fully suited to support our demanding medical OEM customers. We know that leading-edge technologies need to be incorporated in today’s advanced medical devices and products, and we understand and accept the challenges of supporting annual quantities that are typically defined as low-to-medium volumes. Our medical user interface device manufacturing allows our customers to make an impactful difference in the lives of healthcare providers and patients everywhere.

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