Elastomer Controls

High Design Flexibility with Exceptional Performance

Molded primarily from silicone, elastomers offer an alternative look and feel to traditional user interface controls such as polyester or polycarbonate graphic overlays, mechanical switching, and even touch panels.  Relatively inexpensive and very reliable, elastomeric keypads and controls deliver excellent tactile feedback, long operational life in a wide variety of conditions, and outstanding design flexibility.

Elastomeric keypads are typically compression molded parts used in conjunction with an underlying switching layer that can be designed as the complete cosmetic front panel assembly or as a component of the overall HMI construction. They can be co-molded and bonded to plastic housings, or designed to wrap around the switching assembly of the user interface to provide a water tight and sealed solution. By taking advantage of the design flexibility and versatility of silicone and other elastomeric materials, VIS can optimize the overall design approach to help reduce assembly layers and assembly time – translating into cost savings and a superior HMI solution.

A frequent choice for medical, industrial, and specialized electronics markets, elastomeric keypads and controls provide the design flexibility that’s limited only by our imagination. And regardless of the ultimate elastomeric solution, design integration requires knowledgeable upfront design capabilities and skills. VIS offers design, development, and manufacturing excellence to seamlessly integrate your HMI solution within budget and delivery deadline.

  • Elastomer Controls Features and Options

    Tactile and Non-Tactile

    Multiple Colors and Textures

    Wide Variety of Durometers

    Dual Durometer Keys

    Standard Carbon Pills or Actuators

    LED Windows, Light Pipes and Diffusers

    Laser Etching and Screen Printing

    Over-Molding and Plastic Keycaps

    Numerous Coating Options

  • Additional Options for Elastomer Controls

    Complex button shapes, features, and arrays

    Custom over-coating (Silicone and Polyurethane)

    Dead-fronting effects

    Environmental sealing and gasketing

    Cost competitive at high volumes

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