Nidec Motion Control Completes Acquisition of Roboteq

Nidec Motion Control Completes Acquisition of Roboteq

DEC 04, 2019


Nidec Motion Control has completed the acquisition of Roboteq - a leading designer of Ultra Low Voltage drives for the rapidly growing autonomous mobile robot (AMR) markets.

Roboteq’s products are found in warehouse, security, agricultural, and cleaning robots. Through the acquisition of Roboteq, Nidec Motion Control will be able to provide Robotic customers with ULV drives in addition to its servo motors and precision gear box offerings. The acquisition will also add navigation sensors and battery management technology to fill the gap in Nidec Motion Control’s current AMR platform, allowing Nidec Motion Control to offer a complete AMR solution to its customers. Additionally, the integration of Roboteq’s engineering team into the existing Nidec Motion Control engineering team will further grow the Company’s R&D capabilities.
Roboteq frequently is the first stop for innovators as they develop breakthrough mobile robot technologies. Finding these customers in the earliest stages can be key to partnering with them when they scale. With Roboteq, Nidec Motion Control can better navigate the bleeding edge technology of this industry, while also offering a complete package of bundled products to the industry’s top players. Whether early or late-stage scaling, customers are demanding convenient, modular packaged solutions so they can focus on their complex navigation software, which is where they maintain most of their intellectual property.
With the Roboteq acquisition, Nidec Motion Control will maintain and expand its position as the world’s leading supplier of mobile robot and be able to meet our customer’s demand for fully-integrated drive system packages.
According to Nidec Motion Control President, Greg Levine, “The completed acquisition of Roboteq is a significant part of our strategy to modularize our various product offerings and invest in key future growth drivers.”

About Nidec Motion Control
As the world’s largest electric motor manufacturer, Nidec expertise extends to a vast array of motor types for motion control solutions.  The Nidec Motion Control team has developed innovative solutions in motors, gearmotor and drive solutions that have helped thousands of customers realize solutions for their most demanding applications as a development partner.

Parent company Nidec Corporation, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, is comprised of approximately 300 group companies employing over 100,000 people all over the world. Nidec is the world’s No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer and offers a wide variety of motors ranging from micro-size to super large, as well as application products and services in IT, automation, home appliances, automobiles, commercial and industrial systems, environmental, energy, and many other businesses. Nidec is proud to be part of your daily life.


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